A bug in Doxygen parser?

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A bug in Doxygen parser?

Libor Bukata

I have encountered the problem with the Doxygen parser for the following

// HEADER FILE: 'test.h'


#include <vector>
#include <utility>

struct T {
         void f(const std::vector<void*>& v);
         void f(const std::pair<double, double>& p);


// SOURCE FILE: 'test.cpp'
#include "test.h"

using namespace std;

void T::f(const vector<void*>& v)       { }

void T::f(const pair<double, double>& p) { }

If you generate the documentation (BUILTIN_STL_SUPPORT is set to YES),
then you get the following warning:

Searching for member function documentation...
.../test/test.cpp:7: warning: no matching class member found for
   void T::f(const pair< double, double > &p)
Possible candidates:
   void T::f(const std::vector< void *> &v)
   void T::f(const std::pair< double, double > &p)

The problem does not occur if:

- The namespace 'std' is explicitly stated in cpp file.

- If overloading is not used, i.e. each function has a different name.


Is there a way how to deal with this issue without being inconsistent?

Is this a real bug or warning can be ignored?

Thank you for your help,

best regards, Libor Bukata.

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