Announce: Doxygen PLugin for Gradle 0.3 released

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Announce: Doxygen PLugin for Gradle 0.3 released

Schalk Cronjé
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the v0.3 for Doxygen support in Gradle has been
released with the following key feature:

- On Linux, MacOsX and WIndows it is no longer required to have Doxygen
installed.  If only a version is specified Gradle will download, unpack
and cache it locally. This could be very useful especially on CI servers.

- Anyone using Gradle elsewhere (which is rare) will still need to have
Doxygen in path or specify a fixed path in Gradle script.

Other smaller changes include:

- Deprecated XML_SCHEMA, XML_DTD removed from template Doxyfile.

- Minimum of JDK7 is required to run.

- The Doxyfile parser has been fixed to allow backslash continuations.

As always feedback is appreciated and issues can be raised on Github:

Schalk W. Cronjé
Twitter / Ello / Toeter : @ysb33r

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