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Creating an example using snippet

I want to create an example that will appear under “Examples” in the navigation that uses fragments from some of my source files to avoid duplicating that code and having to keep it the duplicates up to date.

My first try was

/** \example test.c */

and in test.c

/** \snippet mysource.c Marker */

This resulted in an empty “test.c” appearing in Examples.

So then I tried, with test.c being an empty file,

\example test.c
\snippet mysource.c Marker

This worked. I got a file test.c in Examples whose content is the snippet. So I got more adventurous:

\example test.c
\dontinclude mysource.c
\skipline foo.h
\skip cbdata {
\until } cbdata
\snippet mysource.c Marker

This worked too. I can’t shake a feeling that I’ve stumbled on a bug that happens to do what I want and so I should not rely on this behavior. Is there a proper way to do this?

If I leave out the \example then the snippet is included in the documentation for whatever is declared following this comment block.



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