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Doxygen-1.5.2-20070506 in CVS

Dimitri van Heesch

In yesterday's update the following has changed:
+ ADD: id 423765: Added support for <see cref="SomeSymbol"/> style XML comments.
+ BUG: id 423776: XML style see tag resulted in messed up documentation.
+ BUG: id 426852: \hideinitializer was sometimes ignored when using structural commands.
+ ADD: id 426971: Added QT_AUTOBRIEF config option, which has the same meaning
                  as JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF only now for /*! .. */ style comment blocks.
+ BUG: id 426977: Included a patch allow building under recent versions of Cygwin
+ BUG: id 427991: Doxygen failed to call mscgen.exe properly on Win32 platforms.
+ BUG: id 431049: Fixed potential crash when GENERATE_PERLMOD was enabled.
+ BUG: id 431202, 333607: Quotes inside strings caused the Pythons parser to get off track.
+ BUG: id 431763: doxygen crashes when using unsupported tags in the config file.
+ BUG: id 432420: Last enum value of a Java 1.5 style enum with constructor did not appear.
+ BUG: id 432757: Setting INLINE_INHERITED_MEMBERS to YES, did not inherit the group
                  of grouped members of a base class.
+ BUG: id 433630: Using double-quotes (") inside a brief description could lead to
                  errors in dot files when the brief description was used as a tooltip.

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