Doxygen 1.8.9 on Win8.1 "Error: Reference source not found" in refman.rtf :-(

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Doxygen 1.8.9 on Win8.1 "Error: Reference source not found" in refman.rtf :-(

Rolf Hemmerling

with RTF output of Doxygen 1.8.9 on english Windows 8.1, there is the
problem in the file refman.rtf

> File Index
> File List
> Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
> C:/Users/Public/projects_local/hemmerling/hemmerling_pwendean_keil/src/getline.c (Line Edited Character Input for the application "Paketwendeanlage" ) Error: Reference source not found

while of course Doxygen was/is processing all the mentioned files,
successfully ( as shown by the HTML output, and the logging ).

If I move the "refman.rtf" file to another *german* Windows 7, the error
message even changes to German language "Fehler: Referenz nicht gefunden".

There is nothing special with the files, or the file location. I did not
include special informations in the parsed files to handle the "File
list" section.

I found a description of this kind of bug here

"Don’t Let Word Get You Down, With “Error! Reference Source Not Found”

So I would be pleased about an improved software update :-).


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