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Doxygen whit header file.h

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first sorry for my english.

I have 2 problem.
1) I have this code:

/** @page my_errors My Errors
 *  @brief Errors page
 *  Errors page contents.

/** \error ERROR 101: in case a file can not be opened.
    Check about file system read/write access. */
#define MY_ERR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE                   101

/** \error ERROR 102: in case a file can not be closed.
    Check about file system read/write access. */
#define MY_ERR_CANNOT_CLOSE_FILE                  102

with \error defined as

ALIASES += "error=\xrefitem my_errors \"\" \"\""

(copied by manual)

I can do something similar to group for all Headers file? (#include <file.h> and #include "MYFILE.H")?
With \snippet I managed to do something, but I was looking for something more simple and that would generate a page with links to all the files.
2) How can I list all the occurrences of a class, function, namespace etc., in a generally function()? I should do it manually?
Thank's for the answers.