Dual-Boot Mode on my Laptop

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Dual-Boot Mode on my Laptop

Kevin McBride-4
Hello everyone,

Now that my laptop is old enough, I have decided to make it dual boot
Windows and Linux (Fedora 21).  Everything worked right out of the box,
including my wi-fi connection.  I have not tried my external blu-ray
drive (though my laptop has an internal DVD drive), but everything else

After installing development packages through yum, I was able to get
doxygen's command line interface to compile.  I still have yet to figure
out how to get the GUI to work, but the GUI is low-priority to me as I
know how to edit files manually using 'vim'.  After being away from
Linux for several years, I am slowly getting used to using Fedora.

I am back in Windows currently, as that is where most of the apps I use
work with.  But at least now, I have a much better way once again to
verify bugs in Doxygen, especially crashers.  I have Doxygen compiled in
debug mode for debugging crashers.

It is certainly about time that I got (though the old way) a linux
subsystem of some sort installed.

- Kevin McBride

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