Embedded IDL in C++ not parsing correctly

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Embedded IDL in C++ not parsing correctly

Ed Trollope

Hi folks,


I’m new to Doxygen, and so I apologise if this is a stupid question and/or has been answered before. I had a look through the archive but couldn’t seem to find anything, so here goes…


I have a couple of COM projects that use IDL in different ways. The first one works great, in that if I create an interface of the following form it lists and documents the function on the html page associated with the interface. The following is entered into a .idl file.



      \interface IMyInterface  

      \brief Brief description of IMyInterface.







      helpstring("IMyInterface Interface"),



interface IMyInterface : IDispatch



            \brief Brief description of COMMethod1.

            \param [in]  param1     blah blah.

            \param [out] param2     yada yada.


      [id(1), helpstring("method COMMethod")]   HRESULT COMMethod1( [in] LPCWSTR param1, [out] int* param2 );



So far, so good. Now comes the problem. My other project wants to similarly define an interface, but the idl is embedded in a C++ header file. The syntax is almost exactly the same (but with __interface instead of interface) but I get some strange results.


Firstly, the IMyInterface html page is essentially empty. It contains the description defined at the top of my example, but it doesn’t seem to recognise that the following functions belong to it.

Instead, most of the functions are detailed in the documentation of the .h file – except the first one. The html page contains the following:




helpstring  ("method COMMethod".)] HRESULT COMMethod1([in] LPCWSTR param1, [out] int* param2)


COMMethod2 ([in] BSTR name)


Brief description of 2nd method. <a href="file:///C:\VST\VETR\Recorder\Win32\doc\html\_recorder___interfaces_8h.html#18e5bf02ebb8287a7be4b565844b3987#18e5bf02ebb8287a7be4b565844b3987">


I tried adding the line “__interface=interface”  to the PREDEFINED section of the .cfg but that merely replaces the “__interface” with “interface” and has the same problem.


Any help would be very much appreciated.



Ed Trollope

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