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Escape '*/' in \code blocks

Barnes, Peter D.
Hello Folks,

I need to escape the sequence `*/‘ inside a code block.

For example, consider a shell command with wildcards:
\code $ ls foo*/ \endcode

The problem, of course, is this is in a C/C++ file, so the delimiter for the Doxygen comment block is `/** … */‘.  The compiler sees the `*/‘ in the code block as the end of the comment block as a whole, and tries to parse the rest of the Doxygen block as code, resulting in lots of parse errors.

While Doxygen has many escapes for special characters, `\/' and `\*' aren’t among them.

I’ve looked at the suggestions in these prior threads, but none of them address this case:
- Dimitri: use /// instead
        But this doesn’t work with multi-line \code blocks, which
        would all have `///‘ at the left margin of the generated
- Use `*//*’ to reopen the comment immediately
        But the extra characters still appear in the documentation.
- Use `‍'
        But these are not removed in parsing \code blocks.
- Use `\htmlonly\endhtmlonly’ (or shorter: `<b></b>’)
        As for `&sqj;’, these are not removed in \code blocks.

In fact, experimenting with the other character escapes with `\’, it seems that none of them work in \code blocks.

So, my questions:

0.  Is there some other way to handle `*/‘ in (multi-line) \code blocks?

1.  How hard is it to add `\*’ and/or `\/‘ to the escape list?

2.  How hard is it to add escaping to \code blocks?


P.S.  There appears to be an error in the Special Commands index:

The index lists
        • \&ndash;
        • \&mdash;
But the documentation (and feature) is really \-- and \---

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