Even though it is reading the tag file Doxygen isn't adding any external links

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Even though it is reading the tag file Doxygen isn't adding any external links


I have a library documented with Doxygen. It's doxyFile contains

GENERATE_TAGFILE       = build/doc/mylib/mylib.tag

Doxygen generates the documentation and tagfile without complaint.

I have a package also documented with Doxygen. I want the package documentation to refer to the library documentation. The package doxyFile contains

TAGFILES               = build/doc/mylib/mylib.tag=../../mylib/html

Doxygen reports

Reading and parsing tag files
Reading tag file `build/doc/mylib/mylib.tag', location `../../mylib/html'...

Apart from some warnings about duplicate anchors

/Users/mark/Projects/github/Foo/build/doc-x/mylib/mylib.tag:800: warning: Duplicate anchor vdiparam found

Doxgen completes without a problem. However the generated package doc does not include any references to the external library documentation.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to put explicit links in the package documentation? If so, how?

What I want is to have an entry in the first level of the left-pane treeview of the package docs that links to the library doc's main page.

I asked this on stackoverflow too, but no answers yet so I thought I'd try here.



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