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Generated order of source files

The order of the files I specify for the INPUT tag is not the same as
the generated order of files I see as command line output to the doxygen
command. In the doxygen output I might see:

Reading and parsing tag files
Parsing files
Preprocessing afile.hpp...
Parsing file afile.hpp...
Preprocessing bfile.hpp...
Parsing file bfile.hpp...

and then later:

Generating file documentation...
Generating docs for file bfile.hpp...
Generating docs for file afile.hpp...

For doxygen HTML output this does not matter as doxygen's output for the
Files | File List shows a tree structure of the files with each
directory of the tree showing my files in alphabetic order.

But if I specify XML output rather than HTML output the information for
the files in the generated XML files is in the order in which the docs
are generated, which is not necessarily the order of the INPUT files
parsing and preprocessing order.

This matter because a tool processing the XML file will likely show the
files in the generated order and not the INPUT order. This is actually
the case for Boost libraries using doxygen to generate the reference
section for a library.

Is there any way to force doxygen to generate file documentation in the
order in which the files are specified by the INPUT tag of the
configuration file, which is evidently also the order in which the files
are first parsed ?

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