How can I get a Functions list in the top level of Doxygen's tree view?

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How can I get a Functions list in the top level of Doxygen's tree view?


I am creating documentation for users of a library. I want to provide info only about functions, data structures, macros, typedefs and what header file they need to include. With Doxygen's standard structure the only way I have been able to coerce it into providing a list of functions is to put \file comment blocks at the top of the header files where they are declared. Doxygen then structures the tree-view (left-pane) around the files. But API users don't care about how the source is structured.

What I want to do is to place an item called "Functions" in the top level of the ToC in the tree view.

The closest I have come is to create some groups that include the functions. This adds a Modules entry to the tree-view showing the groups I have created and the groups show the functions.

When I add a \files comment block at the top of the public header then the expanded "Files" entry in the tree view shows each file and a "Globals" entry. The contents of the expanded "Globals" entry is ideally what I would like to have at the top level of the tree view: Functions, Macros, Structures, Typedefs, etc.

How can I do this?

Asked also at stackoverflow.



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