How can I stop Doxygen creating a _path_to_my_proj_lib_.3 man page?

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How can I stop Doxygen creating a _path_to_my_proj_lib_.3 man page?


I am documenting a library with Doxygen and want to generate man pages that could ship with it. Doxygen is generating 2 very odd, and empty except for some man page boilerplate, man pages


The files correspond to the Doxygen's INPUT


include is given in INPUT. lib is the parent of some .c source files given in INPUT. include & lib are in the directory containing the doxyConfig file which is also the current directory when I run Doxygen.

With Doxygen 1.8.9 the files contained lists respectively of the .h files in the include directory and the .c files in the lib directory.

How can I stop Doxygen from generating these useless files? Even if they had any content, the man page names being specific to my environment make them useless.

Also asked on stackoverflow.



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