Invalid LaTex output when mixing table formats

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Invalid LaTex output when mixing table formats

Vega, Luis A

Since Doxygen only support the basic/simple version of markdown tables, the only way to add a caption to a markdown table is by wrapping it around with an HTML table.


This “workaround” works well for HTML output, but fails to output valid LaTeX text.


The following is a simple example that can be used to duplicate the error:



@page PAGE1   Some Page


@section SEC_1_1   Section 1.1


<table border="0">

<caption>The Table Caption</caption>



| Document Number        | Document Title                                |

| :--------------------- | :-------------------------------------------- |

| &nbsp;                 | &nbsp;                                        |

| &nbsp;                 | &nbsp;                                        |

| &nbsp;                 | &nbsp;                                        |






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