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Jim B.-2
I found an entry asking roughly the same question in the help forum, but it was several years old and unanswered.

When using Javadoc, you can specify the –overview tag to include a project-wide overview section.  This is roughly equivalent to the Doxygen technique of adding an @mainpage tag to a source file, followed by a tag such as “@htmlinclude overview.html”.

I created a Java source file with a class named “New1”, and created the file overview.html with the following contents:

  <body>Brief overview. A link: {@link New1}</body>

When I run Javadoc against my source file and specify the -overview switch pointed to my overview.html file, a link is produced on the overview page with the text string “New1” which links to the documentation for class New1.

When I run Doxygen, I get the text string “{@link New1}” in my output and no link.

The first question: is there a better way to incorporate an overview page that will cause the link tags to be evaluated into an actual links the way Javadoc does?

Second question: In order to use the Javadoc overview feature you use a command line option (no tags).  This means you can add an overview page to a project without editing source files to add special tags like “@mainpage”.

Would you consider adding such a switch to Doxygen so that Doxygen can produce the same overview pages as Javadoc without requiring a change to the source files (adding one or more tags)?

Extra info:  We deliver Javadoc with our product, but are considering using Doxygen for internal use.  The hope is that initially, there will be no source code changes required until we are able to get the effort moving.

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