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Wiedenmann, Micha

thank you for adding markdown support to doxygen and for doxygen in general. I am very satisfied and thankful for your work.

I noticed that markdown headers don't show up as sections in the \tableofcontents on my \mainpage as but \section would that is:

 * @mainpage
 * @tableofcontents
 * @section sec_my_section My Section
 * Shows up in table of contents.
 * My other header
 * ===============
 * Does not show up.

Am I missing something or is this intended? To me it feels like a bug/missing feature of markdown headings.

Furthermore, I tried to use [TOC] but it had no effect and I ended up using @tableofcontents.

Thank you for your consideration and thank you once again for all the effort you put into doxygen.

Micha Wiedenmann

PS: I am sorry to bother you with the automatically added disclaimer, it is out of my control, I cannot turn it off.

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