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New things I have learned.

Doug Royer

I have been using doxygen for a while. Recently I started documenting a
large project.

Three rather obvious things I have learned in the last week to be
careful of.

 (1) Don't name a page 'Math' as in: @page Math ...

 (2) When you copy a C/C++ header file, don't forget edit the brief
comments in the new-copied file for the class names before running
doxygen again. Else you get lots of extra stuff in the method page.

It results in the left menu highlighting two items at once, one for each
matching class name (two Abs() methods that both highlight at the same

 (3) When copying a Doxyfile, don't forget to change the output path
before running doxygen. Else you get the wrong PNG files in you method

The results were rather amusing. Formulas and text documenting utterly
unrelated methods. I thought I was going nuts. I kept looking in the
wrong file for comments that were not in the file at all. Then when I
would click on what I thought was the documentation for a constructor,
it beautifully showed formulas for complex number multiplication along
with nice MathJax formulas that were not in those comments. Seems
because of (3) the formula_xx.png from the one library overwrote the
correct ones from the first library.

After having been a programmer for about 40 years, I knew that doxygen
could not be that broke.

So if you think your going nuts, you may be, however doxygen is not :-)


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