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Options for scala support

Ryan Boder
I would like to use doxygen xml output to integrate comment documentation into other tools. I love that doxygen supports multiple languages but I would need Scala support in addition to C/C++, Java, C# and Python.

1) Has anyone tried any of the FAQ options to support Scala? If so, how did it go and what's the best approach?

2) I have considered writing a scaladoc generator that generates doxygen xml output so I can use the scaladoc -doc-generator option instead doxygen to parse scala and get the same xml output.

If I did write this scaladoc generator it would be really cool if doxygen could use it's own xml output format as input as a kind of backward way to use doxygen on languages like Scala that might have a complex syntax which makes "tweaking" the doxygen parser to support it a difficult option. Is using doxygen xml output as doxygen input a possibility?

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