PDF output error when SHOW_NAMESPACES = NO

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PDF output error when SHOW_NAMESPACES = NO

Vega, Luis A

When SHOW_NAMESPACES is set to NO (in the Doxyfile), the final build for the PDF fails.   


The build error is because the generated refman.tex still includes links to the LaTeX files related to the namespaces, but doxygen didn’t generate them (the correct response to the user configuration).


Workaround is manually removing the following from refman.tex before running make on the directory:

\section{Namespace Index}


\section{Namespace Documentation}

\input{namespace*}     %  where the * is a wildcard (as in anything).



It also looks like the doxygen generated layout xml file now defaults to overriding some of the options selected within the Doxyfile.  Options like SHOW_FILES and SHOW_NAMESPACES are now defaulted to YES in the layout file, instead of pointing to the configuration variable.


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