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Placing documentation after inlined member

Mircea Neacsu
I'm trying to place documentation after short inlined functions. A
typical example would be:

class some_class
    int count () {return the_count;}; ///< Return count of something

Using Doxygen 1.5.2 the documentation is improperly (at least in my
opinion) assigned to next member. A full example follows:

/*! A test class */

class Test
    /** An enum type.
     *  The documentation block cannot be put after the enum!
    enum EnumType
      int EVal1,     /**< enum value 1 */
      int EVal2      /**< enum value 2 */
    void member();   //!< a member function.
    void memeber2 () {}; //!< documenting member two
    void member3 ();  //!< documenting member three

    int value;       /*!< an integer value */

In the generated output member2 is not documented and member3 has the
following brief description:
"documenting member two documenting member three"

Any idea on how to get around this problem (apart from converting all my
inline definitions to inline Test::member2 () {};)



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