Question about documenting C++11 "using" statements

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Question about documenting C++11 "using" statements

David Bruce
Hello doxygen folks,

In C++11, I have a base class with public methods and a derived class, in which I would like to hide some of the base class members and expose some of the base class members. In C++, this is easy to do by making the base class private to the derived class, and using a “using” statement in the public section of the derived class to expose the private method. The compiler is fine with this, but figuring out how doxygen this approach seems impossible.

Can you give me any advice?

Code snippet below:

 * @brief This is the brief for class A.
class A {
/// Brief for a_method
// @param[in] x The first parameter.
void a_method(int x)

 * @brief This is the brief for class B.
class B : private A {
/// Brief for the a_method
// Want documentation or at least link for A::a_method to appear in B's html page.
// No clue how to do it without declaring a B::a_method that calls A::a_method, and using copydoc.
using A::a_method;

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