Resolving refs in htmlonly/latexonly blocks

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Resolving refs in htmlonly/latexonly blocks

Shawn Hoover

I would like to use a footnote command based on the StackOverflow answer [1], like this:

ALIASES += footnote{1}="\latexonly\footnote\{\1\}\endlatexonly\htmlonly<span class=\"ref\"><span class=\"refnum\">†</span><span class=\"refbody\" style=\"display:none;\">\1</span></span>\endhtmlonly"

This works great for plain text, but doxygen commands in the custom command argument are not processed, due to the semantics of latexonly and htmlonly.

What I would like to do is include a reference in some footnotes, for example:

Documentation for foo. @footnote{For more details on things like foo, see @ref bar.}

Any ideas to allow a richer footnote command like this?


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