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Solution (?) to Warning from <unknown>:1 on inheritance from template instantiations

Marcin Kasperski
I faced and found workaround (which I'd like to share) for the problem
previously discussed some time ago:
In short, code like
    /** … **/
    class SomeClass : public SomeTemplate<Arg>
where SomeTemplate is template class defined in separate library
(accessible via TAGFILES)
generates various warnings like
   <unknown>:1: warning: Member ……… of class SomeTemplate<Arg> is not documented
(for various methods of SomeTemplate)

Apart from warnings it causes undocumented methods showing up.

Looks like the following workaround works fairly nicely:

   // workaround for doxygen problems on inheritance from templates
       @class SomeTemplate<Arg>
       @extends SomeTemplate

    /** … **/
    class SomeClass : public SomeTemplate<Arg>

Warnings are gone, inherited methods show up, inheritance chain shows
SomeClass <- SomeTemplate<Arg> <- SomeTemplate
what is in fact logical

(I tested on doxygen 1.8.6)

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