Support for C++11 inline namespaces

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Support for C++11 inline namespaces

Ed Smith-Rowland

In C++ there is a new namespace syntax that allows callers to elide the

namespace A {
inline namespace B {
namespace C {
   int foo(int);

auto i = A::C::foo(21);

These are often used to support internal versioning.
Often it is hoped users wouldn't need or want to specify inline
namespace scope.

In doxygen I would like to possibly
* elide inline namespaces in docs - probably with a config variable.
* and/or create output that you could toggle whether/how inline
namespaces appear in docs.
* and/or Have inline namespaces appear grayed out or something when
listing a library component.
Many possibilities are potentially useful to people at different times.

Is there something like this now?
If not could we add it?


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Re: Support for C++11 inline namespaces

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Was this ever supported?

Personally looking to excluding internal namespaces from appearing in class and structs.