The repetition of documentation between .c and .h

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The repetition of documentation between .c and .h

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I want to comment the functions in their prototype header in the .h with the variable and the function that are called by that function:
*@brief description of the function in few words
*# used variables
*|   variable s name |i/o/io/r  | Type  |   functional area      |  Commentary|
*|Public_int         | io       |  int  |      [0...1]           | Variable e  |
*|public_char        | o        |  char |      [2..42]           |de_rivate    |
*# called functions
*|   Function                         |  Commentary                               |
*|char Nom_de_fonction_private (void) | valeur en fonction de son nombre d appel |
void Nom_de_fonction (void);
And put a detailed description of the code in the .c:
/** # detailed description
    - Cast the variable Public_int in BOOL
    - Test the value of the variable Public_in
    - If is value isn t 0 
        - Update the value sent by the function Nom_de_fonction_private()in public_cha
        - Change the value of Public_int to 0
 void Nom_de_fonction (void)                    
    if(((BOOL)Public_int) != 0)                 
        public_char = Nom_de_fonction_private();
        Public_int = 0;                     
when I generate my documentation with doxyen and "print a pdf" with Latex, the detailed description is duplicated between the .c and the .h.

If somebody knows how I can do to make doxygen to not duplicate the description, I’m out of idea with doxygen.

I had another idea, to use a script in python or ruby to edit the latex file before the generation of the pdf, but I want to use this idea when I don’t have any other choice.

I want to apology if their some approximation with my English and thanks for your time.