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UML for struct containing union

I am documenting a C API that contains structs, many of which contain anonymous unions. When doxygen generates the UML diagram for these structs, it includes an entry for the anonymous union with the inscrutable form "@12" (where 12 is some number). Is there a way to prevent this number from appearing in the diagram:


+ v
+ x
+ y
+ z
+ @4

This struct is defined as:

/** \ingroup Structs
 * A three element, floating-point vector.
 * @since 3.0.0
typedef struct _LEAP_VECTOR {
  /** You can access the vector members as either an array or individual float values. */
  union {
    /** The vector as an array. @since 3.0.0 */
    float v[3];
    struct {
      /** The x spatial coordinate. @since 3.0.0 */
      float x;
      /** The y spatial coordinate. @since 3.0.0 */
      float y;
      /** The z spatial coordinate. @since 3.0.0 */
      float z;

I've tried setting HIDE_UNDOC_MEMBERS to YES, but it doesn't help -- even for other structs for which the anonymous union doesn't have a doc comment.