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copy only used params with copydoc

Philipp Eppelt

I am looking for a way to extend copydoc to only copy descriptions for
parameter, which are present in the function where the documentation is
copied to. So instead of a "argument .. of command @param is not found
in the argument list of .." warning I'd like to remove this specific
param documentation.

Alternatively, I would be happy with an option to remove a param
statement from the documentation. Something along the line:

\copydoc Foo::bar(bar1, bar2)
\rmparam bar2

I tried hijacking parseCopyDoc() in docparser.cpp, but this doesn't look
At the end it should be something like this:

tk = copyDocString.nextToken();
if( !checkArgumentName(tk, tk.isParam()) )
    //check argument name was modified to return false in case of the
above error.
// remove tokens from copyDocString

Do you have any hints, how to best achieve this? Or could you point me
to a good place in the code for this?


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