documenting bash function with dots and dashes inside

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documenting bash function with dots and dashes inside




I asked this question on the doxygen users list, but without any luck.

It would be nice if this little feature could be added to the doxygen code to parse bash functions correctly.

Besides of this little parser problem it works like a charm!


I found a little doxygen filter for bash functions:


After a few changes, it works really fine for my sources (60_000 loc).

(Attached, plus Example file)


But there is a thing, which is really annoying, there are tons of bash-functions, which uses a dot or a minus in the function name (which is allowed in bash), for example:


function e.() {

      echo "hello"



function e-e() {

      echo "foo"



Is there a chance to add the dot and the minus for function names, so that doxygen is able to parse these names correctly?

It would be very helpful.


Thank you.


Best regards,

Alexander Elgert



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