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@ingroup for entire file with modules and subroutines

Fabian Nick

I have an entire FORTRAN file which I want to add to a group.
So what I did was

!> @ingroup G
!! @{

    !> subroutine doc
    module x
       !> subroutine doc
       subroutine xx
       end subroutine xx
       !> subroutine doc
       subroutine xy
       end subroutine xy
    end module x

    !> subroutine doc
    subroutine y
    end subroutine y

    !> subroutine doc
    subroutine z
    end subroutine z
!> @}

The group G is defined in another file.
However when I generate the doxygen pages, only the module x and its
subroutines end up being in the group G. Subroutines y and z are missing.
Most routines have an @internal tag by the way but my config file is set
up so that it also generates the documentation of those routines.

What am I doing wrong?


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