man page shows both page name and title. Bug in doxygen?

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man page shows both page name and title. Bug in doxygen?

If I have

/** @page toktx
   A description

then the generated man page shows

    toktx - A description

Nice! Very close to a hand created man pages, except they use 2 hyphens. However if I look at the generated HTML I find the page has the title “$title” and “A description" appears at the top of the page without any heading. If instead I use

/** @page toktx toktx
   A description

then the man page has

  toktxtoktx - A description

which looks like a bug in Doxygen. Is it? Is there a workaround?

The HTML page now has the title “toktx” and there is heading box at the top of the page with “toktx” in it. “A description” appears below this heading. This is okay except that NAME does not appear so the HTML does not look like the man page.



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