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partial template specialization of the base class

Denis Davydov
Dear all,

With have the following tricky case with partial template specialization.
Here is an example:

template <int dim, int n_components>
class Base
   void foo();

template <int dim>
class Base <dim,1>
   // some specific functions
  void bar();

template <int dim>
class Base <dim,dim>
   // some other specific functions
   void baz();

template <int dim, int n_components >
class Derived : public Base<dim,n_components>

The problem is that for “Derived” class "Public member functions inherited from Base”
only shows those in Base<dim,n_components> (i.e. “foo()”),
while there is no extra link to functions which would be available in partially specialised case of the Derived class,
i.e. Derived<dim,1> will have bar() and Derived<dim,dim> will have baz().

Is there a way to make doxygen show/include functions in Derived coming from partial template specialization
of Base class?

p.s. documentation for partial specialization of Base class works fine and is rendered correctly.


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