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Marcin M.


I'm developing a C project with QtCreator. Thus, I enabled the .qch generation in my Doxyfile, by the following options:

GENERATE_QHP           = YES
QCH_FILE               = <project>.qch
QHP_NAMESPACE          = <namespace>
QHG_LOCATION           = qhelpgenerator

Then I added the .qch to the QtCreator registered documentation., unlike the data structres see the screenshot: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ECyeE.png

Thus, when I tap F1 (the help shorcut) near the `command` usage, I automatically get the documentation for `command`. But when I do the same near `move`, it is claimed there exists no documentation for the function.

What am I doing wrong? Have I missed some configuration option? Or should I rather ask on the Qt forum?

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