suppress private functions from treeview expansion of the file ?

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suppress private functions from treeview expansion of the file ?

Monique Semp
Hello, Doxygen users,
I’m using Doxygen 1.8.10 on Win 7, 64-bit.
When I user the \private in the comment block for a function, the function is correctly omitted from the documentation. However, the function is *incorrectly* appearing when you expand the file in the treeview, “Files > File List > file-name.c”. I’m looking for the best way to omit such functions from the treeview display. (I have two workarounds that are not entirely satisfactory.)
I have “GENERATE_TREEVIEW=YES” in my Doxyfile. In the treeview, if you click the name of a function that should not be appearing, the right pane changes to the file’s File Reference page, which *correctly* does not show the function. The function remains incorrectly shown in the treeview.
One workaround is to set “HIDE_UNDOC_MEMBERS = YES” in the Doxyfile, which results in the correct treeview, without the function. But I don’t want to use this setting because I want inadvertently undocumented members to appear in the doc. Plus, I have many structures where I likely won’t ever add documentation for fields because the field names really are so obvious that adding documentation looks ridiculous. But I certainly want these fields to appear in the Doxygen output.
Another workaround is to use the \cond and \endcond Doxygen commands around the function so that Doxygen doesn’t even read it, and so it’s correctly omitted from the output. But this seems rather a blunt-force method, and not as useful for source code readers as an explanatory \private or \internal command.
So, for functions that include either or both the \private and/or \internal commands in the Doxygen comment blocks, is there a way to make them NOT appear when you expand the function’s file in the treeview, without resorting to setting HIDE_UNDOC_MEMBERS=YES or using \cond and \endcond tags?


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